A shooter opened fire in the Power Ultra Lounge nightclub of Little Rock, Arkansas early Saturday morning

17 people were wounded at approximately 2:30 A.M Saturday morning after a shooter opened fire in the Power Ultra Lounge nightclub, where rapper Finese 2 Tymes was performing.

Some individuals were wounded by the shooter, and others by being trampled by the wave of people attempting to escape. Two were injured after leaping from the windows of the second floor to escape.

The youngest victim is 16-years-old, and although one individual was listed as being in critical condition initially the most recent updates reveal all injured parties are stable.

The Little Rock Police Department stated in a tweet that the shooting appeared to be the result of a dispute at a concert, and was not terror-related, adding that they “. . . do not believe this incident was an active shooter or terror related incident.”

Police Chief Kenton Bucker said the shooting and subsequent pandemonium appeared to have been motivated by “some sort of dispute [that] broke out between people inside.”

The nightclub shooting concludes a week of drive-by shootings in the Arkansas capital city, although there is no relation between the shootings.

Officers suspect “multiple people” fired weapons but as of yet have no suspects

A chilling video of the incident posted by a witness inside the club shows a series of gunshots ringing out moments after a break in the performance. Over 24 shots were fired in less than 11 seconds.

Mayor Mark Stodola issued a statement on Facebook assuring citizens that more information on the incident would be released at a news conference on Saturday afternoon.

The Mayor’s Facebook statement read: “My heart is broken this morning – my prayers are with the victims of this tragedy. We are committed to doing everything possible to bring safety to our city. We need everyone to help.”