A man who tried to help a 2-year-old find her parents was beaten by the toddler’s father and two others, thinking that the man was trying to kidnap her.


A family of a 2-year-old girl had posted a photo and personal information of a man on social media, claiming he sought to kidnap their daughter, according to CNN. The man and his family had nothing to do but to leave the town after the received multiple threats.

So Lakeland police carried out investigation into the alleged kidnap attempt and found out that man attempting to help the girl, who was alone at a sports complex during a baseball game, according to ABC News.

“At least one independent witness stated they observed the citizen walking with the child trying to help find her parents,” police said, ABC News reports. “The parents were alerted by bystanders that the citizen was walking towards a playground, which is near the parking lot, and feared that the citizen was attempting to kidnap the child. This was not the case.”

When the girl’s father found his daughter with a man whom he thought a child predator, knocked him to the ground and kept beating him with the help of two others, police tell CNN.

No Remorse

The father, on the other hand, maintains that he does not feel sorry after truth revealed, ABC News reports.

“You don’t pick somebody’s kid up in that direction, towards the parking lot, whether you were going towards the parking lot or not,” he said.

The victim said he would not press charges, CNN reports. However, the toddler’s father was shocked when he knew that the man would not face lawsuit.

The girl’s family did not stop circulating false claims concerning the man, which forced the man and his family to flee after receiving threats.

“They still think their daughter was trying to be kidnapped,” Sgt. Gary Gross of the Lakeland Police Department tells CNN. “They’re just not listening.”