A paramedic who stood by, with his hands in his pockets, as a man died right in front of him, is facing being struck off from his profession. After taking patient Carl Cope to hospital, Matt Geary, 37, then watched through the window of his ambulance as the man collapsed at the entrance to the hospital before getting inside.

Geary then simply stood over the 47 year old for a number of minutes as he died from a heart condition outside Walsall Manor Hospital in the West Midlands. Geary had handed Mr Cope over to nurses, but then does not step into help as the man takes a turn for the worse.

He is now appearing in front of the Health and Care Professions Council and is likely to be struck off. The hearing has so far seen CCTV footage, which shows Mr Cope sitting in a hospital waiting room. He then gets up to go to a shop nearby to buy himself a drink. However, he collapses outside hospital doors, while Geary watches from his ambulance.


Geary has also been convicted at Wolverhampton Crown Court of failing to undertake his duty to help a patient. Judge John Warner handed him an eight-month suspended sentence, saying that his inaction was “callous and uncaring”. He told Geary that he had done nothing at all to help, either in his professional capacity as a paramedic, or simply as a human being.

The paramedic resigned from West Midlands Ambulance Service after a disciplinary hearing at the service. However, he has still been practicing following the incident, despite his conviction. Geary, from Staffordshire, had admitted breaching health and safety laws by not carrying out a proper examination of the patient and failing to try to resuscitate him. The hearing into his fitness to practice continues.