Philadelphia managed to disconnect this 11-year-old Siam twin at the age of 10 months during the operation, he reported on Tuesday at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital.
The hospital said Abby Erin Delaney, North Carolina, recovered nurses in the intensive care unit after last week’s surgery.

The operation is carefully orchestrated, assigned markers monitors and equipment with a green ribbon or purple, colors for each girl.
“The separation of the twin gangs has followed a very complicated operation with a long and difficult recovery, but we are very confident of a positive outcome,” Dr. Jesse Taylor said in a statement.

Taylor was a plastic surgeon led by a multidisciplinary team of about 30 people helping.
It was the 23rd time the hospitals have twin together isolated in the last 60 years, and the first involvement of children connected to the top of the head, the weakest type of twin gangs. This condition is known as craniopagus.
Their common blood vessels and the protective opaque of their brains are carefully removed before the unit is divided into two reconstitution groups of each patient involved.

The girls were born 10 weeks early by the imperial cut at the end of July

The hospital said for the first time in the life of the separated beds. An additional operation is considered probable.
“When we go home, it will be a big party,” their mother, Heather Delaney, announces officially from the hospital. “Welcome home, baby shower and first birthday.”
The girls are expected to return home this year. , The hospital refused to disclose the family home open.