Aaron Judge won the AL Rookie of the Year and became the first player of New York Yankees who has been awarded since Derek Jeter in 1996.

The judge won the award unanimously in the voices of the US baseball club, he announced on Monday at the MLB network

The 6-foot murder was an inevitable conclusion after driving the United States with 52 homers and helping Yankees to postseason as wild cards. The judge is also the finalist for the AL MVP award.

“It’s a dream that has become true, a great feeling,” Richter told ESPN at SC6 on Monday. “Just mention it with two other candidates is honoured for the season they had and I’m blessed to be in that position.”

Ichiro Suzuki in 2001 and Fred Lynn 1975 are the only players who won the Rookie and AL MVP of the Year prizes in the same season

Boston Red Sox director Andrew Benintendi won second place in Rookie of the Year, followed by Baltimore Orioles ahead of Trey Mancini.

The United States Division of Judges in the 1987 classification broke Oakland first in Mark McGwire at 49. He finished first in the race (128) and left (127).

“This is an exciting time to wear striped fabrics,” the judge said, “going through the Minor League with a lot of guys, watching them develop and see what’s working at the Major League level, very impressive.”

Richter’s attacks were his 208 strikeouts (only five times more than the player hit more in the season) and spread the theft after winning the Home Run Derby. However, he recovered in September when New York really needed and introduced AL in Homer (15), RBIs (32), circles (29), percentage on base (.463), and percentage of grinding (.889).

New York won the World Series this year, losing to Houston in the 7-series American League Championship.