Twitter has plans to introduce new authentication and process of verification for the blue themed badge of verification for accounts that are on its platform.

The company for the moment has put a pause on the submission by the public for an account to be verified and has gone to bring into light, fresh guidelines to improve the order it has on its program. Plans also are being made by the company to rid accounts that fail to adhere to its guidelines of the blue badge.

Twitter Support has shared in a tweet about it carrying out a review of all the accounts that have been verified so far and of its plans to remove the verifications on said accounts that fail to meet with its guidelines. The company had also expressed displeasure with the way some of its subscribers make use of the verification badge as Twitter putting an endorsement on them.

Twitter to employ some stringent measures

At some time earlier, the company had spoken of the misuse of its blue badge in a tweet it shared on the platform that said that the verification was meant to put authenticity and voice to accounts and that it has been used and misinterpreted by some people as a form of endorsement or a gradient of importance. In the tweet also, the company took the blame for creating the said misinterpretation, and they declared that measures were going to be taken in order to correct it.

Twitter at present is employed by agents of the government, celebrities, and other notable public figures to bring people closer to their various followers. As said by Twitter, the blue badge of verification helps tell the users of the platform that the account is of interest to the public and that it is genuine.