Nairobi – Opposition leader Raila Odinga, cruelly reprimanded a presidential election rerun in which President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the victor, saying it ought to be rejected by yet another vote and that the opposition would keep on protesting in public.

Odinga’s first open remark since the election results were declared on Monday proposed that Kenya’s political and ethnic pressures are probably going to get worst. The opposition leader implied that his loyal supporters could appeal to the country’s highest court to invalidate a presidential election for the second time since August.

The court nullified the August 8 election exercise in which Kenyatta was pronounced winner after discovering what it called “anomalies and illegalities.” Odinga, whose appeal to charging election rigging prompted the court’s decision, boycotted Thursday’s vote since he said electoral changes had not been made.

Kenyatta said he anticipates legal difficulties in the recent election, which he was declared the winner with a mind-blowing 98% of the vote since he encountered no significant challenge.

At least nine people confirmed dead

Odinga announced that the opposition plans to organize peaceful demonstrations which include “economic boycotts, picketing, parade and other peaceful forms of protest”.

Be that as it may, his supporters have regularly conflicted with the police in slums and opposition towns in western Kenya since the recent election. No less than nine individuals have been slaughtered. The opposition blames Armed Forces for using unreasonable force, while government cited that Odinga’s camp has become unsafe.

Despite the fact that opposition areas territories were by and large calm after Odinga’s declaration, the election has featured divisions that keep on rolling East Africa’s economic center.

European Union election spectators said activities by Kenya’s adversary political camps have destroyed the constituent procedure and put Kenyans and their establishments in complicated situation.

The EU observer noted that there has been terrorizing of the judiciary, assaults on the electoral commission, and efforts to disturb the election procedure. However, it reported that there had been a technological improvement as polling and counting which was flawless.

The voting exercise did not hold in 24 out of 290 constituencies because of opposition demonstrations, despite the fact that the election commission referred to an election law that says that the winner can be declared if the result isn’t affected by the score in places that didn’t vote.