Amazon has started a service in the United States which provides instant two minutes pick up for every day “essentials items” in just two minutes after placing your order.

The items that will be made available are smartphone chargers, cold drinks, snacks and Amazon gadgets.

At the same time, the US President Donald Trump has slammed Amazon on Twitter for ruining different business owners.
The newly launched service will help Prime and Prime Student customers to access the Amazon app to request for items they instantly need from a caretaker.

Amazon workers at the collection location will process the item order and instantly will make it accessible for pick up from a self-service locker in two minutes.

Presently, the service will be accessible at only one point in a different location each, which includes Berkeley, Los Angeles, Ohio, College Park, Maryland and Atlanta.

Amazon already controls 22 manned collection points and areas close to the university premises in the US.

Mr Ronan Hegarty, a news editor of the Grocer magazine, told reporters “Amazon is creating a play for convenience shops, but basically, you have to consider the strategy that is involved,”.
“In fact, you might pass a store trading [what you want] on your way to a collection centre.
“I don’t feel it will affect a store like 7-Eleven in its position right now.”

Amazon Hurting Retailers

The president tweeted on Wednesday: “Amazon is causing great harm to a tax paying business owner, cities, town and states and all over the country are being affected severely – also jobs will be lost!”