Several calls have been made following the price fixed by the Florida attorney general, Pam Bondi in line with the Hurricane Irma. While briefing on Wednesday, Bondi stated Florida residents are filing complaints about water prices, gasoline prices, and airline tickets.

Delta and American Airlines agree to cap prices

A press release reported an evacuee who had to pay a whole $1,725 to take a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina from Fort Myers on Thursday. While the Florida statute aims to cap flight costs, it doesn’t cover airlines managed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Bondi stated Delta Airlines has resorted to capping all non-stop flight from South Carolina, Florida, the Caribbean and the Georgia at $399.

American Airlines concurred to cap all one-way aircraft movements out of five airports in South Florida at $99. Both airlines have agreed to give up pet fees and change fees for the said flights.

Bondi, reiterating her commitment to making things accessible for the masses, said she doesn’t regulate these airline firms, but would protect Floridians, and the White House is in support to ensure they are doing their job. Bondi urged the masses to let them know if these airlines are not doing their jobs.

Lately, Amazon has been under attack for billing prices of water above normalcy as well the shipping rates. The Florida law bounds the online retailer, and Bondi said the firm now has groups manually checking their vendors to put suspend offending sellers account that abuse customer.
The gouging law in Florida doesn’t specify the exact prices that make up the gouging but states the AG office can probe if the average price for the product in the 30 days is exceeded before the state of emergency.

Do you want to file a complaint?

You can do this with the Attorney General’s Office or call 1-866-9-NO SCAM (1-866-966-7226). Price gouging laws don’t apply to every commodity or service; it only covers lumber, water, ice, gasoline, food, and hotels. Luxury items like cigarettes and alcohol are exempted.