The reality singing competition known as American Idol on ABC will have Katy Perry sing in a bid to revive the show with a legion of young fans.

Talking about the revival of the show, Katy is the first famous name to feature on the show that was canceled some last year by the Fox Broadcasting. The cancellation followed a parallel decline in viewership ratings for the past 15 seasons. Perry will join in the new American Idol that will hold in 2018.
Katy Perry explained in a statement from the Walt Disney-owned network, ABC that she’s always listening to music and bringing up young talents in her label or spotting new artists in her tours. She further said that she wants to bring this back to the music.

More about Katy Perry

Perry has been a renowned pop singer after she got to limelight with her hit single titled ‘I Kissed a Girl’ released in 2008. Sequel to this single, the Grammy-nominated Perry has been dropping hot songs like ‘Fireworks’ and ‘California Gurls.’ With her sense of vibrant outfits and exciting performances, she gears towards the young audience. Perry has sold over a 100 million records across the world.

More about American Idol

American Idol is a public competition that has brought so many famous artists to the limelight. Singers such as Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert featured in this reality singing competition. Then again, celebrity judges were always there to discover new and promising talents.

Between 2005 and 2007 when the show was booming, over 30 million people watched the show. Regrettably, the number of viewers declined to about 10.6 million viewers, and this was recorded during the season finale in 2014. Television consumption has gone down lately, and this is spelling harm to live TV shows as viewers often watch on-demand content.

‘The Voice’ which is a rival singing competition with NBC has four celebrity judges making up the panel. This TV show has grown to be popular recently with about 12.1 million viewers during its season 11 finale in December.