In a study conducted by Black dog Institute, it was discovered that exercise done regularly of any degree could go a long way in preventing depression in the future, and all that is needed is a minimum of one hour. Results shared in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggest that small amounts of exercise can shield an individual from getting hit with depression. The most comprehensive research carried out along this study area which involved 33,908 adults of Norway having their exercise and symptoms of depression taken down for 11 years, the research team discovered that about 12 % of recorded cases of depression could have been stopped if the participants participated in only one hour of physical activity each week.

The questionnaires and the results

These discoveries follow the Black Dog Institute’s Exercise Your Mood Campaign, which was done all through September and admonished Australians to better their well-being physically and mentally by the use of exercise by the use of exercise. Researchers employed the information gotten from the Health Study of Nord-Trøndelag County (HUNT study) carried out between 1984 and 1997.

Participants were instructed to reveal to the barest level how often they exercised and the exercise they participated in and at what degree without becoming breathless or getting exhausted. Participants completed a self-report questionnaire to show anxiety to come. The research team took responsibility for variables which affect the association between exercise and illnesses common to man.

From obtained results, people who did not do any exercise were reported to have a higher chance (44%) of becoming depressed as compared to folks who exercised for at least one hour or two in a week.