An old woman in her 70s from Nevada passed away several months ago due to a rather bizarre and powerful infection that she had received from what was called a ‘superbug.’

All sorts of antibiotics from all over the United States were offered to her to assist in her illness, but all had failed to treat the overwhelming infection.

The old woman had been hospitalized last August upon returning back from a long trip in India.

It was brought to the doctors’ attention that the woman had been infected by what is known as ‘carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae’ which the woman had apparently received most probably as she was treated when she broke her right hip.

Invincible Infection

The woman eventually had died from septic shock, and according to all the results of the data and tests that were carried out on her, the 14 different antibiotics had failed to fight against the bacterial infection.

However, the biggest shock to the matter came when it was revealed that at that point, not even all the 26 antibiotics that the United States medical services possess would have succeeded either.

The Nightmare Comes to Life

A professor and expert regarding the field of infectious diseases, Dr. James Johnson, remarked on the matter by saying “I think this is the harbinger of future badness to come.”

Dr. Johnson states this matter was an extremely rare case of its kind, adding that it is unlikely at the current moment that any other citizen presiding within the United States is also carrying the exact same bacterial infection of the CRE.

The hospital in which the woman had been situated in stated that they had not disclosed this case to the public during the time of the case, and as of now there are no other reported matters of anyone suffering a CRE infection.