A two year old boy from Utah has committed a superhuman feat by rescuing his twin brother from underneath a heavy fallen dresser. Little Brock Shoff had been playing in his bedroom when a dresser fell over onto him.

In images captured on surveillance cameras at the todders’ home, his brother Bowdy can then be seen rushing into action. The twins’ parents have now posted up the video and images on social media in a bid to warn other mums and dads about the dangers of tall furniture and young children.

Brock can be seen trapped and in distress underneath the corner of the heavy piece of furniture. He wriggles around but cannot get out from under the dresser. With his mother Kayli having gone out of the room for just a moment, there is no one there to help other than Bowdy.


However, the little boy doesn’t panic. He walks around the furniture trying to work out what to do, and then tries to lift it up. But it’s too heavy, and he simply cannot manage to move it upwards. Instead, the little boy starts to push it sideways, with the dresser slowly beginning to move, giving Brock the opportunity to roll out from under the piece of furniture.

Kayli said that she did not hear the dresser falling or her little boy crying, but by the time she re-entered the room, the toddlers were recovered and playing together. Dad Ricky said he had been hesitant to share what had happened, presumably in case the parents came in for any criticism, but that he had decided to to warm others to make sure that heavy furniture is bolted to the wall.

While it is not known who the manufacturer of this dresser was, this latest incident comes following a $50 million payout from Ikea after the deaths of three toddlers, killed after dressers from the firm’s Malm range fell onto them.