AT&T is offering an amazing deal worth a minimum of $200 trade-in credits on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung galaxy S8+. Customers with an eligible device with a minimum trade-in credit of $20 and at the same time meet the AT&T’s trade-in program eligibility requirements will be credited with at least $200 worth of trade-in credits. However, this deal is applicable to only purchases made at physical or online stores through the carrier’s Next Installment Plan. This offer last until May 31, thus customers in the U.S who may want to purchase any of the Samsung devices still have some reasonable amount of time to consider this deal.

It should be noted that the small prints of this offer reveal that this is not an early upgrade program; it is a trade-in offer which is limited to one trade-in per device of either Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Customers will have to send their eligible trade-in device or hand it over at any AT&T retail store to enable them to receive a promotion card or an instant credit that can be used to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

The available options for the Samsung Galaxy S8 are Orchid Gray, Midnight Black and Artic Silver colors at an off-contract price of $749.99. But on the Next program, it will cost $25 per month for a period of 30 months. It is also available on AT&T Next Every Year Program which cost $31.25 per month for a period of 24 months. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus comes in the same color options as the S8, and it cost $849.99 retail price, while on the Next program it cost $28.34 monthly for a period of 30 months and $35.42 monthly for 24 months on the Next Every Year Plan.

The latest Samsung Galaxy devices were released last month, but the S8 Plus is expected to outsell the S8. Interested customers looking for more details about the AT&T offer can click HERE. However, you could receive above $200, depending on the eligibility of your device for trade-in. Many mobile operators in the U.S are incentivizing their customers to buy either of the Smartphones.