Elvia Diaz has extended sympathy to the victims of the Mexican earthquake, saying his heart was troubled while he watched the rescue team removing debris from destroyed buildings after the Mexican earthquake that left over 225 dead.

Their pain affects us, and it’s a good thing seeing solidarity and support to our southern neighbors. The support from celebrities, world leaders, and ordinary Americans has been unquantifiable, and the Mexicans in America appreciates.
One of the ugly scenes of the earthquake was that of an elementary-middle school where about 30 students died in a short while.

The massive support

Just after about 24 hours of the 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit, numerous volunteers were still going to the Enrique Rebsamen School to evacuate debris as the rescue team looked for missing kids envisaged to be alive.

Apparently, such humanity and support to victims reassured them, giving them a sense of solace and hope. Diaz added that they’ve been saying prayers for the deceased their families, the rescue team, and even the injured ones. It may take some time to ascertain the level of damage of the earthquake that hit significantly in Puebla and Mexico City, but it’s clear that it’s not very small.
The victims need anything you can offer, ranging from medication to food and even home supplies, but the Mexican Officials advocate all donations go through the Mexican Red Cross.

Visit cruzrojadonaciones.org, and sign up. Though it’s a Spanish site, it’s pretty easy to sign up and donate, as it requires just your name, email, and password.
Mexico is a Catholic country, so don’t relent in the prayers, but do well to make donations as well.