Crashing on dissent, classifying public information, increasing interventionist presence in foreign countries, reformatting the fiscal budget to diminish social security nets and governmental services, cutting taxes for big corporations, operating in the shadow of conflict of interest and supporting bloody regimes across the globe.

Attributes usually familiarized with third world countries and rebutted by the West have now found a meeting point in the embodiment of the new president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump.

The republican candidate vowed to break the conventional political correctness and to take all measure to achieve what he calls “Make America Great Again”.

American foundation shaken

The long decades of liberal and neoliberal structural governance on the domestic and international system, have been a fundamental catalysis of the U.S hegemony and personified in the generations of Americans over the last quasi century.

The new head of state has shaken the basis of this aging ideological rule, just to reintroduce already considered extinct abstracts of life.

The polarization witnessed on the streets of the United States of America has reached critical levels of unrest, unseen since the Vietnam War and putting the country on the verge of destabilization.

The controversies surrounding the leader of the nation vary from being in “illegitimate” relations with foreign powers, to dozens of corruption and illegal files surrounding his businesses arriving to the most prominent “tax returns” controversy.

Determined opposition

The opposition has buckled up and united against the head of state since his electoral win in November, successfully mobilizing masses of people to demonstrate their discontent and lack of trust in Mr. Trump.

The president has been demeaning their actions and classifying them as “paid agents” of foreign powers, reminding his nation that the elections have emitted their outcome and that the status quo is imminent.

A recent mass rally named “The Tax Day”, thousands of Americans took to the street, demanding the head of the White House to finally succumb to their long-fought request to release his tax returns, clarifying to the public the sources of his income and transparency of his business empire.