A British backpacker has told of her terrifing kidnap ordeal in Australia after she managed to raise the alarm by sending messages to her father back in England.

Mary Kate Heys, 20, said she was kidnapped by a “mentally unstable” man who she feared would do her serous harm. She managed to send a message and her location via Google maps to her dad, who then contacted police in Queensland.


Ms Heys said that she had befriended a Swedish backpacker, but that things took a sinister turn when he took heer hostage. She said that she had agreed to go with him when he told her he was taking her on an “adventure,” but realised she could be in danger when the 23-year-old began talking to her about aliens.

The Mancunian added: “Looking back his eyes were really wide – like a serial killer’s – I should have known something was not right but I went with him.”

She said that during a spur of the moment trip from Mooloolaba to Gympie, the man told her she must look out for blacked out cars, which he said could belong to aliens. Ms Heys said she started fearing for her life when he started to tell her that she was special like him.

The young woman said she seriously thought she was going to die, but tried to stay calm. She told an attendant at a petrol station to take down details of the car and contact police. After another hour in the car, she decided to message her father to ask him to call the police, sending him her GPS. Officers finally stopped the car 85 km north of the hostel where the pair were both staying. She now says she wants to come home after two weeks in Australia, even though she was planning to stay for a year.