21-year-old Conor Benn is set to relive legendary Mike Tyson’s glory days when he takes center stage in Long Island, New York.

The English Welterweight boxer will make history on November 11, in his first appearance at the Nassau Coliseum.

Boxing greats George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Roberto Duran have all appeared at the venue in the past, Benn in his first time out is seeking to emulate his predecessors.

Benn is poised to make his debut as a smaller version of Mike Tyson at the Coliseum; the boxer is keen to replicate the historical knockouts associated with the American Battering Ram “Iron Mike Tyson.”

Conor couldn’t hold back his excitement when the news of the fight at the Coliseum filtered in; he admitted that he was overwhelmed with the opportunity to fight in America, in one of the most iconic boxing locations on the planet.

Benn In The Form Of His Life

Benn said his phenomenal form had been a result of hard work at the gym. Conor is known to give maximum hours in training and is never one to back down from any challenge. He hopes to remind the American audience of Iron Mike Tyson in his prime.

At a media briefing, Benn said he relished the idea of exposing his boxing style to the American audience who have witnessed iconic fights at the Coliseum; he also hopes they find it appealing.

In a statement he intended for the English public, Benn reiterated that he accepted the Bout so that the British Populace would accept him as a hero, just as they accept Anthony Joshua who overcame Klitschko.