Recent figures have shown that black citizens in the United States have fallen victim to more police killings compared to any other American citizen, which has led to an extremely worrisome future regarding Donald Trump’s administration and how they would possibly desert the idea for a reformation within the criminal justice system.

According to data assembled for The Counted, it reveals that black citizens as young as 15 and up to the ages of 34 were nine times more likely compared to the rest of American citizens that would be killed by police officers as was shown in the year of 2016.

A Shocking Rate

Within the data supplied it also states that black people had been killed at a rate of four times faster than other young white citizens.

Racial discrepancies, although a tiny bit less than that of 2015 have still been anticipated to increase regarding the death count for black citizens in 2016 by law enforcement officers. The numbers show that in 2015 1,146 black people had been killed, whilst in 2016 the numbers were slightly less, at 1,091.

However the statistics for the death toll in 2015 were just recently brought to light, so this suggests that sooner or later the death count for 2016 may very well exceed it far more.

Reevaluate Our Ways

The FBI has stated that these numbers exceed their usual count of “justifiable homicides” by two times.

However, improvement and a complete reevaluation of the methods conducted by law enforcement agencies have been a troublesome matter as Donald Trump is sworn in as president of the United States, who has been regarded as a “law and order” conservative type.

Executive director of the Police Research Forum, Chuck Wexler has stated that is absolutely a focal point of concern for them to be able to find a way in order to keep track of their performance so as to avoid high counts of unnecessary deaths in the future.