The long-time crew associate is leaving the show following nearly a decade of working on Saturday Night Live, an informant working on the series had revealed.

Moyniham’s departure ought not to appear as shocking to viewers that follow reports emanating from broadcasting outlets.

Cable Broadcast Station started on a fresh series featuring him days ago with the channel making the revelation as an aspect of its end of the year program two days ago.

The show, named “We, Our self’s and I’s,” trails an individual lifetime journey at different stages of existence. Johns Marquette plays the earlier, youthful alter ego of Moyniham’s personality.

Amid Moynihman’s exit, “Saturday Night Live” has lost a member of its largely expert crew associates. It’s just Kennan Thompsons, with over fourteen years on the series has stayed for a more elongated period of time.

In SNL, Moyniham will be well remembered for excellent mimics of Governor Christies (NJ), FN’s Guys Feiri as well as the Drunken Uncles personas.

In the background, he has claimed responsibility for assisting in penning down several of the wittiest write-ups in the series, counting latest standards resembling “Davis S. Pumpkin” meant for Tommy Hank’s instalment as well as the “Under cover Bosses” draft which featured Kyle Ben.

His last manifestation is on this weekend’s series final instalment, alongside compeer DeWayne “Rocks” Johnsons along with music artiste Kati Perris.