According to recent research, it is vital to stop breastfeeding a baby after two years. The study that got published in a recent Journal, Pediatrics proposes that kids breastfed for two or more years were exposed to a high risk of dental cavities.

The research process

The researchers studied the case in over 1,000 children in Brazil. Dentists checked the children at age 5 – the dentists checked for cavities (minor and severe), lost teeth, and tooth decay. It was discovered that kids who were nursed and breastfed for about two years or more were susceptible to severe cavities by 2.4 times more than other children who were breastfed for a year or less.

Why is it so?

According to an associate professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia, Dr. Karen Peres, kids who take breast milk for more than 24 months often do on demand and especially during the nights. As such, make it uneasy to clean up the teeth at such time.

While studies carried out earlier show breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity in kids, as well asthma, the question remains how long is good? Speaking to CNN on the recent research, a dentist and spokeswoman for the American Dental Association, Dr. Ruchi Sahota said that the study makes it clear that breastfeeding children up to 2 months is not bad. However, if one chooses to breastfeed beyond this time, then it’s wise that preventive measures are taken to avoid dental cavities.