A bug that has been considered threatening to those who have iPhones and iPads has been warned for users of such devices.

The message that results in the device freezing up usually contains a very clear text, a flag, and then several emojis of the rainbow.

The text includes an emoji of a white flag, then a zero is added along with the rainbow emoji, and then a rather concealed character as well is included. This text is capable of being copied and then sent to others via iMessage.

A second method of the bug can be fixed into a contacts file, which is then shared or sent through iCloud to another user on iMessage.

Bug Bombs

The second variation of the bug enclosed within the contacts file is said to have the capability in crashing all versions of the iPhones and iPads, which include the latest version of the iOS 10.2.

Meanwhile the first variation of the bug crashes the devices, but is limited in which versions it can affect. Devices of the iOS 10.1 or anything lower than that are said to be susceptible for damage by the bug.

Awareness of the bug first came to light as ‘YouTuber EverythingApplePro’ shed light on this recent bug and has in the past reported several pranks that have been aimed at crashing iPhones.

The Reason Behind

According to Vincent Desmurs, the French iOS developer, he claims a suggested theory as to why the bug has been efficient. Mr. Desmurs states that it all has to do with the hidden variation selector.

The zero is ultimately trying to combine itself into one emoji with the white flag, but such a function cannot happen or be processed by the device.

After the bug infects the device, the phone may lock up by itself, restart, or perhaps even lockup for a temporary time that would eventually lead to it rebooting.