O.J. Simpson’s trial is still captivating the country. Recently it was the subject of two Emmy winning shows and an Oscar winning documentary.

“He did it”:

However, during an interview with Cohen on SiriusXM channel Radio Andy, Caitlyn Jenner simply said: “I knew he did it.”

The Olympian turned reality TV star said: “There was three people at the crime scene: DNA evidence, three people at the crime scene,” referring to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, the murder victims and Simpson. “Pick a murderer. How hard is that?”

Kris Jenner was a close friend of Nicole’s, she even gave her daughter Kendall her middle name “Nicole” in honor of her murdered friend. Caitlyn said that although Robert Kardashian, Kris’ first husband was on Simpson’s defense team and believed he was innocent, but Kris was on Caitlyn’s side.

Jenner, who is on a media tour to promote her new memoir, entitled “The Secrets of My Life”, recalled a conversation with Robert Kardashian after the trial. She said: “After the whole thing was over Robert just said to me, ‘I would have been OK if they got him in the first trial.’ That’s the only thing he ever said and that’s about the closest he’ll ever come, (while) never saying he actually did it.”

A torn family:

She continues saying that after the first trial “he was now the guy who helped him get away with murder and he was destroyed by everybody. And I felt terribly sorry for him.”

Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian’s divorce was in 1991, in 2003 he passed away from cancer.

Caitlyn said: “Robert was a very good person. I really liked Robert. Robert and I had a very good relationship. He was a very good parent. He was great with the kids… We discussed things with the kids, about the kids. We went to basketball games with little Robert together. He was a really good guy, and (it was) unfortunate that he got sick and passed away. So unfortunate for the kids.”

However, according to Caitlyn, the trial divided the family. Kourtney and Kim “were a little bit older and their dad, who they love and adore – which they should – is on one side and we’re on the other. And so it was more tough on them than it was on us.”