In a January news conference, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hinted that the city would charge the federal government to court for threatening to hold back U.S grant funds. And to defend its status as a sanctuary city.

The Department of Justice stated that it would hold back millions of dollars grant money accruable to the sanctuary city. However, Emanuel says that recent laws go against the city’s values and constitution. He stated that Chicago would not allow its police to be manipulated by political interests.

Jeff Sessions, the U.S Attorney General, pointed out that if the grant applicants truly need the funding, they should open up the data about unrecorded immigrants to the federal powers. But Emanuel refuses to choose any of the options.

Chicago refuses to choose between grants and immigrants rights

According to Emanuel, Chicago is taking immediate actions to ensure the court rules the issue as it has done on some other issues including refugee policies and immigration. Chicago hopes to get $3.2 million from the grant. This will help the fight against crime this year.

Ed Siskel said the Department of Justice cannot order local law enforcement to execute federal immigration law duties. He added that they cannot be made to go against their residents’ rights as stated in the Constitution.

Speaking on the matter, the Police Superintendent of Chicago, Eddie Johnson expressed his concerns over the application policies. Johnson also stated that their duty is to investigate crime and not immigration documentation or status.

However, Sessions distributed letters to four other cities, making it clear that their funds would be denied. These towns are San Bernardino, Albuquerque, N.M, and Stockton in California.

The Spokesperson for the Department of Justice refused to speak on the issue.