The Chinese environmental ministry has announced that several factories have disregarded and breached several limits and regulations which were set in place in order to decrease the smog within the country.

The smog in China has reached an extremely toxic level, as Beijing declared an “orange alert,” which serves as the second highest caution regarding toxic threats in the air.

The orange alert was meant to end last Sunday but to the matter still worsening or remaining the same, the authorities have decided to extend it for an additional three days.

The recent announcement by the Chinese environmental ministry comes after 24 cities were put on “red alert,” which serves as the top level of pollution related threats from the four levels the Chinese abide by.

Back to Zero

Whenever a red alert has been issued, manufacturing companies are ordered to completely halt all types of production for the time being, and vehicles that emit a significant amount of toxic fumes are prohibited from all roads until the red alert has been cleared away by the authorities.

Reports from the Xinhua News Agency state that penalties have been declared by the environmental ministry due to discovering that about 500 separate construction sites, as well as other agricultural, chemical, and steel related manufacturing companies had violated the restrictions set in order to prevent further smog. The penalties set for them were not disclosed by Xinhua.

Toxic Week

Residents of Chinese city have expressed their feelings about the air conditions, saying that the grayness of the air surface feelings of depression and unease within them.

Zhan Yan, a salesman stated that he has a child that cannot even leave the house at this point in order to get some sunshine, due to the hazardous air, and this has been troubling him.

Another man named Gao Yan remarked on this matter by saying that the condition of the weather greatly affects all of the people’s emotions and mental health, adding then that all of them hope one day to “live with a blue sky and be healthy.”