As China set off a colossal amount of fireworks to celebrate their Lunar Year, smog levels were reported to have skyrocketed to an even more dangerous and toxic level.

Chinese citizens last Saturday had been exposed to levels of smog within Beijing that were described as choking levels.

Although the Chinese government had reprimanded such activities and imposed limits for these matters due to the already high levels of smog, the fireworks still went ahead for the Lunar Year.

As of last Saturday, Beijing’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced that toxic particles within the air had now officially reached the second highest state over the course of the past five years.

War Against Pollution

In 2014 Beijing first initiated in what was to be their ‘war against pollution’ which serves to fulfill a vow made by the government in an attempt to amend the damage that had resulted as a result of pollutants.

Penalties had been set out for those who violate restricted measures made by the government regarding those who pollute.

Thwarted attempts for reversing the smog filled skies within Beijing and around the capital city have resulted from the Chinese winter season.

This is due to the industries excessively burning coal and due to increased indoor heating.

Toxic Celebration

The government has declared that at this point no small pollutant within the city can be considered too trivial or insignificant to dismiss.

Food vendors in the streets along with the enormous amount of fireworks launched in the skies were among those that were also tackled with by the government.

The People’s Daily, China’s Communist newspaper, stated “In setting off fireworks, be conscious of setting off the (pollution) index.”

Reports from China have revealed that the purchasing of fireworks have decreased by a mere 4.9 percent this year, but added that such a small percentage does not serve in helping to prevent dangerous levels of air pollutants released into the air.