Texas officials find out that a missing Austin police officer was alive after he faked his own death.

Faking It

The 29-year-old officer, Coleman Martin, works with the Austin Police Department. Martin left his house telling his wife he has to “clear his head.” 15 minutes later, Martin texted his wife a photograph of a handwritten note saying that he is going to commit suicide.

A day after his suicide note, Martin purchased a number of products including rope, a raft, and gas at the Amistad National Recreation Area nearby the borders of Mexico.Police later discovered that Martin had faked his own death.

“Evidence was uncovered to lead investigators to believe that the missing officer took means to stage his own death. It is believed at this time he is not deceased and has fled to Mexico,” the Austin Police Department stated on Friday.

Missing Martin

After he went shopping, Martin parked his car near the lake in Mexico. Officials found his vehicle along with the suicide note he had sent to his wife. A raft and some concrete blocks were also found nearby his car. However, when the police searched for Martin’s body, they couldn’t find anything.

Later on, investigators found out that Martin dated another woman other than his wife. Being a part of the investigation, the woman was interviewed by the police where she insisted that Martin is still alive. “The entire event was an effort to stage his own death.” The woman said.

The woman also showed the police an email sent by Martin to her. The Email explains that martin rode a bike to a convenience store after leaving his car at the lake. He then took a taxi to the Mexican borders where he hopped into a bus going to Mexico.

While the officials continue to search for martin. This incident led the police to charge Martin with Class A misdemeanor of “false report”.