Last Monday thousands of travelers were said to be stranded at airports as a glitch hit the computer systems of Delta Airlines and 280 flights had been forced to be cancelled.

Ed Bastian, the CEO of the airlines stated that last Sunday about 170 flights had been cancelled, and then were topped with an additional 110 more the next day.

Mr. Bastian has warned travelers that more cancellations of flights can be expected to result, and urged travelers to first keep in check with their flights at the website of the airlines.

A Glitch Affecting Thousands

Mr. Bastian stated that at around 6:30 pm last Sunday, a glitch hit their vital IT systems, which forced an undesirable crash to the system.

However within a few hours the problem had been fixed and the system had returned to its normal operating procedures just after midnight.

The CEO then made a statement to the travelers who were affected by this inconvenience in which he apologized to the travelers who had their flights cancelled.

The statement went on to add that “this type of disruption is not acceptable to the Delta family.”

Mr. Bastian mentioned that that the Delta airlines is built on a foundation of reliability as well as customer service, in which he then thanked the employees that effortlessly worked in meeting the customers’ demands.

No More Hopefully

The airlines has also announced as of last Monday that any minor that is travelling along without any guardian or accompaniment will not be permitted to board any flights.

This recent incident of thousands being stranded comes at a highly undesirable timing since U.S. President Donald Trump signed the executive order that bans citizens and refugees coming from seven specific countries.

The order has resulted in scores of travelers landing in U.S. Airports with no permission to enter.