British MMA sportsman Michael Page believes there is an off chance that Conor McGregor could defeat Floyd Mayweather and cause a big upset.

Mcgregor hopes to pull a huge upset when he squares up against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather in their fight that is slated for the 26th of August.
Page who is also set to make the switch to boxing said that he knows how difficult it will be for Conor. But believes he can make history in this fight.

“He can shock the world like Leicester City did in the Premier League.” He said.

Conor McGregor’s Name In The History Books

“He can write his name in history in just one night and cause sports biggest upset.”
Page stated further that Conor needs to use his MMA talent if he ever wants to have any chance of winning the fight.

“If Mayweather underrates Conor, there is a chance that he could be beaten. I know what an MMA fighter can bring to the table.”

“We fight in a high tempo manner and how fighters are often shorter. The maximum is only 25 minutes.”

“The first four round will be competitive and this is the time Conor has a chance of winning this fight.”

Page also hinted that Conor has the element of surprise which will work in his favour as the world will stand still for one of the biggest fights of this generation.