The death penalty remains a contentious notion that has its presence rebutted by some and advocated by the others.

The moral/social aspect of the death sentence is still present in many countries in the world but that progressively gets abolished with the liberal and humanitarian development of societies.

Certain states in the United States of America remain loyal to the old practice and implement it under different means that do not encompass the classic harsh methods.

Arkansas has reinstated the controversial sanction in 1976, clearing the way for the implication of the life-taking punishment through lethal drug injection.

Decades of appeal

The 51 year old, Ledell Lee, has been charged since 1993 for the complicit theft-murder of his neighbor Debra Reese.

The court case took a complex turn with the defendants attempting to overturn the initiatives of conviction from the prosecution in several attempts over the last two decades to prove the innocence of the African-American man.

The dramatic course taken under the judicial auspices, saw the decision of the jury to charge the man and execute him delayed several times and pleaded for the sentencing to be reduced to prison-term, but failing to do so.

This Thursday, the US Supreme court cleared the way for the first death sentence since 12 years on the state level, one hour before the death warrant was due to expire.

Official determination and public concern

A spokesman for the Arkansas governor stated: “The governor knows the right thing was done tonight. Justice was carried out” in a comment surrounding the vocal uproar emitted by the human rights communities and the attorneys of the convicted man.

The execution is one of several others scheduled to take place within the next two weeks, leaving the public to question the necessity of such harsh means and their social implications.