A  male facing a minimum of a six-years imprisonment for drug sales has been at large following being absent for a couple of courtroom appearances , one of them being a sentencing.

Donavan Quirk, forty, got sentenced this week on the crime of  illegal trafficking of banned substances, going by the Ken Regional Judges’ court. The sentencing was continued even though he was not around.

Last year, Quirk conceded in the sale of a little quantity opium to a plainclothes policeman at the cost of forty dollars, state lawyers stated. Donovan along with fellow conspirators had a meeting in a car park. And there he made a delivery of pouches before collecting payment.

Quirk, on a fifteen thousand dollar bail, was last seen four months ago, the opposing counsel revealed. The man was not seen for a courtroom proceeding last month, which made the Justice to order for an apprehension. Quirk subsequently failed to appear for this month’s proceeding.

Another appearance has been scheduled for next two months, involving a six to thirty-year sentencing, lawyers had revealed. The suspect had been convicted in the past: a mugging which took place twelve years ago, substance trafficking ten years ago, and a break in sentencing nine years ago.

Anybody having knowledge of the suspect’s location or sighting should please contact the authorities.