A 31-year-old lady was blamed in the Tuesday shooting death of her 66-year-old father in South Carolina.

On Thursday, Brittany Simpson, who was accused of murder and ownership of a gun amid a crime, was denied bond.

The Suspect

The murder suspect was crashing at her parents’ without paying any rent, however she had professedly taken care of the utility expenses until March, when her mom supposedly wanted her gone.

According to as the Post and Courier, Simpson allegedly first implicated an intruder in father Robert Simpson’s shooting death which happened early Tuesday. However, things have changed when Mount Pleasant police stated they discovered her clothes and a weapon underwater in a creek,

David Aylor, The suspect’s lawyer, didn’t comment on the incident nor saying whether Simpson had been talking to her family or not. This is Simpson’s “first run-in with the law.”

“The only thing that I can confirm is that Brittany was currently on disability and was not working,” Aylor said. “Though she wasn’t currently working, she was still a pretty active person in regards to recreational activities and things like that, her disability wasn’t hampering her from that. In Brooke Simpson’s alleged 911 call, which she placed shortly after 6 a.m. Tuesday, Brittany had said, “Someone just came in the back door. Someone just came right in.”

Admitting To The Crime

Brittany’s sister, Brooke, allegedly addressed how she knew what happened to their dad. Later on, police claimed that Brittany admitted that she did kill her dad.

Brooke told policemen she didn’t know any individual who might need to hurt her dad, yet that Brittany had been given a 24-hour notice to leave the home by that day.

The father was alive when officers arrived to the crime scene and one of them entered the main room to help him. Firefighters were sent in and started giving medicinal care however Simpson passed on.

“Obviously, it’s a tragic situation for this family as a whole,” Aylor said. “She’s taking it day by day, as we will the case, to determine what our next steps are and how the case will proceed.”