U.S. Intelligence Agencies have just released a declassified report regarding the cyber-attacks launched by Russia, stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin had directly ordered such attacks to take place in an attempt to take down Hillary Clinton and get President-elect Donald J. Trump on top of the votes.

Although the full extent and radius of the matter is still unknown by the intelligence agencies, they went on to state that Moscow’s role in this event was extremely obvious, their message and threats were bluntly clear as they had went up several notches with their espionage than ever seen before.

In the rather blunt report, it states that Hillary Clinton had been somewhat expected at some point to lead in the polls, but the Russian hackings had been launched in an effort to “undermine” the trust American citizens have towards the entire democratic process.

Just a Tiny Bit Exposed

This report is but a fragment of the entire ordeal regarding the briefing Donald Trump had received by the FBI, the CIA, and the National Intelligence.

President Barack Obama had asked for a thorough examination and analysis of this matter to take hold, and the disclosed piece of information is so far the only bit that has been disclosed to the public.

Still “No”

The 14 page report that has been exposed to the public serves as a rather huge contradiction towards Donald Trump regarding his constant rejection and denial of the Russians not being the source of the cyber-attacks and all allegations are false, despite all the evidence and reports that he received directly from U.S. Intelligence agencies.

Mr. Trump insists that all the intelligence agencies cannot prove till now who is the source to these attacks in which thousands of private emails from the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton had been leaked through WikiLeaks, sparking extreme controversy.