Democrat Congressman Al Green has called President Donald Trump to be impeached over FBI director James Comey’s dismissal, accusing Trump of putting democracy in danger.

Democrat lawyers and congressmen have lead a petition of imprechemnt to be signed so U.S. President Donald Trump would be impeached over his controversial decision and ties with Russia.

Al Green’s plea

“I rise today, Mr Speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the United States of America for obstruction of justice,” Green began in a sermon-like speech.

“I do not do this for political purposes,” he continued. “I do it because, Mr Speaker, there is a belief in this country that no one is above the law. And that includes the president of the United States of America. Mr Speaker, our democracy is at risk.”

Trump has landed in a tight corner after James Comey’s dramatic dismissal as Comey was leading investigations into Trump-Russia probe and Russia’s alleged involvement in the U.S. elections held in November 2016. Moreover, Trump was accused of leaking secretive information to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov On top of that, explosive news reports this week revealed that Trump during an Oval Office visits last week, which provokes speculations over Trump’s controversial ties with Russia.

The latter accusation has not proved true; however, bipartians lawmakers assert that if the accusations proved true Trump will be called to impeachment. Furthermore, Mr Green suggests that they conduct the investigations early.

“The president must be impeached,” he said. “Impeachment does not mean the president will be found guilty. It simply means that the House of Representatives will bring charges against the president. It’s similar to an indictment. … Then the Senate can have a trial to determine the guilt or the innocence of the president.”

Green’s Plea

Mr Green has taken to website,, and made a plea for signing a petition implies that it is the perfect time to carry out the investigation and impeachment proceedings as he stresses on the fact the citizens are the ones to decide when to begin the proceedings.

“I am a voice in the wilderness,” Green said, now shouting. “But I assure you that history will vindicate me … I assure you that no lie can live forever.”