Elon Musk has a cold. However, CEO Tesla had major problems with nose leakage to a conference call to the company’s results Wednesday to apologize and offer rare culpa after the electric car maker reported disappointing results in the third quarter.

Tesla shares fell more than 5% after hours declaring as musk, which went wrong in creating a new model 3, the first affordable electric car company. Investors noticed that something was not a month before managed as Tesla said he did just 260 Model 3 in the last quarter, well below the nearly 2000 predicted; some reports say that the throat is narrow because the car manufacturer manually linked the vehicle.

Now Elon Musk watches at Gig factory where the model produces the three who spend most of their busy hours, and then some sleep normally, performing and calling the plant Wednesday.

“I always move my desk anywhere, really do not have a table, I go where the biggest problem is in Tesla,” said Musk. “I really think you have to run in front, so I’m here.”

Yet he confirmed Musk that more progress was hoped and “now more than seven levels

Now, I do not hope Tesla’s model 3 productions at a rate of 5,000 rises a week to somewhere more months late in March and Musk has refused to make a timetable of up to 10,000 per week, and important analysts believe that this could help restore the vehicle.

Although Tesla’s sales surpassed the $ 3 billion light streak expectations of the third quarter, it helped narrow production bottlenecks with a $ 619 million loss for a period significantly below its estimate.

But, although the downsides are due to the sub-contractor in the section, Tesla, Musk said he assumes full responsibility for them. “At the end of the day, that’s our entire fault, and that’s my fault, first of all”.