Soccer clubs in England spent more than double the amount that other league in the whole of Europe spent.

The data which was released by FIFA showed that English clubs trumped other clubs in finance in spite of the world record fee for Neymar and the big money move of Ousmane Dembele to Dortmund.

The analysis showed that the top five leagues in Europe spent a record of $3.67 billion which is a 32.7% increase from the amount that was spent last year. Even though the amount of transfer of players only went up by just 6.2%.

English clubs accounted for much more than a third of the entire amount as they splashed $1.4 billion on 526 players and got back $477 million back in sales.

Manchester City were the biggest spenders with over £200m spent on players, while both Manchester United and Chelsea spent over £100m in total.

La Liga was next in line in the spender’s chart and they doled out $639.5m (£480m) in transfer fees. But received $752.3m (£565m) in transfers which is the highest this summer in Europe.

Transfer Record Broken Twice

The previous transfer record that was set by Manchester United after they signed Paul Pogba from Juventus for 89 million pounds as both Barcelona and Dortmund signed Neymar and Ousmane Dembele respectively for 222 million pounds and 146 million pounds each.