When you think of ESPN, you think of the home for everything sports. That is unless you want to find out about the Dallas Mavericks. The controversial team owner and star of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban has placed a ban on the popular sports reporter.

The Problem

You are probably wondering, what could the good people at ESPN have possibly done? The real problem is what they did not do. Cuban, upset by his team not having coverage throughout the entire season, spoke privately to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. Cuban made it known that if ESPN.com was unable to attend every game, then they wouldn’t be able to cover any of them. Prior to the team’s October 25th home opener, Cuban honored Adam Silver’s request to lift the ban. This allowed ESPN.com to be present at the game.

Last Friday, Cuban had another meeting with the NBA and ESPN. They were unable to reach a common ground, so Cuban re-issued the ban against ESPN.com. Cuban banned both, Tim MacMahon and Marc Stein, a national NBA reporter. Stein has a season press pass for the Mavericks and he is based in Dallas. Yet and still, Mark Cuban said they were not welcome in the arena as credentialed media.

When question about his decision, Cuban said that it had nothing do with a limited amount of games for the season, nor editorial. He wrote he was worried about the coverage of every game lacking high quality, along with more reliance on wired services. It is believed that Macmahon’s new role with ESPN played a role in this decision. The previous season, MacMahon exclusively covered every Mavericks game. This included all of the home games and about 50% of the away games. With a new role, MacMahon will cover other teams, along with his number of games that he would have normally attended the Mavericks.