Families have been evacuated from their homes amid fears that flooding is highly likely as Britain continues to be battered by storms. Environment officials are warning that the combination of high tides and strong winds is posing a flood risk.

Villages have been evacuated, flights in and out of parts of Britain have been cancelled and the Army is on standby as a result of weather fears. Already, the country has been battered by hurricane force gales, and up to eight inches of snow has fallen. However, there is set to be no let up anytime soon, with people being warned that the weather has set in now for three days.

Two London airports said they had had not choice but to cancel flights because of poor weather conditions in the South East. At Heathrow, there have been 80 cancelled flights, which Gatwick has cancelled four British Airways flights.

Flood warnings

Meanwhile 35 flood warnings are in place across coastal parts of the country, meaning that flooding is considered very likely and residents are being called upon to take immediate action to protect themselves and their homes. There are also 55 flood alerts meaning flooding is possible, along the whole of the east coast of England.

Families in Colchester and in Jaywick, near the popular holiday resort of Clacton on Sea in Essex, have been told to leave their homes, while people living in coastal areas are being warned that high tides and strong winds will result in large waves, carrying potentially dangerous debris onto the shore. In Newcastle, flood defences have been erected along the city’s Quayside in a bid to prevent the River Tyne from breaching its banks onto the streets.

Heavy snow has already caused disruption across large swathes of the country, and more is forecast tomorrow. Thunder and lightning is expected, along with snow, causing thundersnow.