The father of a 15-year-old black boy, killed by the police last week, sues police officer for fatally shooting his son.


Jordan Edwards was killed last week in Dallas. He was in a car with his friends when the Bach Springs’ police came and started shooting at their vehicle resulting in an officer shooting and killing Edwards.

The officer shot Edwards in the head; the family’s lawyer said that his two brothers was with him in the car and watched him die.

Edwards’ father, Odell Edwards, is suing the officer for using excessive and unnecessary force. It goes without saying that the dramatic incident has been a controversial issue of the amount of racial bias in US police departments.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday at a federal court in Dallas. Odell Edwards is asking for unrevealed damages from Roy Oliver, the shooter, for killing his son, Jordan Edwards, using a rifle.

The lawsuit also held the city, Bach Springs, responsible for poorly training Oliver. Oliver had a rather violent record yet he remained in the police.


“Defendant Oliver’s violent temper, a fact defendant city of Balch Springs was aware of or should have been aware of, led to the wrongful death of Edwards,” the lawsuit said. “Despite defendant Oliver’s conduct prior to Edwards’ death, he remained a Balch Springs Police officer and was not terminated despite his conduct and multiple violations of departmental policies.”

Oliver, a 37-year-old man gave himself in on Friday only hours after the police issued an arrest warrant.

Initially, the police said that Edwards and his friends were backing up with their car toward the policemen and that is why the police shit at them. However, police discovered later that the car was walking away from the officers. As a consequence, Roy Oliver got fired.

As well as losing his job, Oliver was charged with murder on Friday.

“Defendant Oliver shot Edwards in the head in plain view of his brothers … with total disregard to the safety of others,” the lawsuit stated.

Known as a good student, Jordan Edwards was an athlete loved by all of his friends. His funeral was on Saturday where hundreds of people attended it.