Hayden Cross, 20, is now the first man in the UK to become pregnant after he allegedly had searched for a sperm donor using Facebook, and stated that he intends on becoming “the greatest dad.”

Cross had joined a group on Facebook that was associated with sperm donation, and had done so after he had been told that his eggs would not be able to be frozen as he enters his hormonal gender alteration.

Cross claims that his first attempt into using sperm through external donors proved to be a success and that he seeks on proceeding with the rest of his gender changeover soon, which includes the removal of his breasts along with his ovaries the moment he delivers his baby.

Going All The Way

Cross remarked on the matter and said that he has always dreamt of having children, and added that “having a biological child has always meant a lot to me.” Cross, who presides in Gloucester has been legally existing as a male resident within the UK for about three years, and requested for his eggs to be frozen with the potential thought that in the future perhaps he’ll be permitted by the NHS to deliver his own children.

Too Much For a Baby

However, Cross had rejected the proposition in which £4,000 had been asked of him in order for his request to be carried out.

As a result, Cross immediately took to Facebook in order to search for an anonymous donor, in which he succeeded in. Cross stated that he found what he wanted on social media, and although the sperm donor group has now been closed on Facebook, he never had to pay one pound nonetheless.

Cross added that he seeks to become a parent so that he may finish up the changeover process as soon as possible. “I want the baby to have the best. I’ll be the greatest dad,” Cross said.