Canada opens its first vegan fast food restaurant, Globally Local, in London, Ontario. It has opened at 252 Dundas Street, in downtown London, Ontario across the street from the Central public Library.


The Globally Local menu includes animal-free, burgers, “pulled pork”, chili cheese fries, poutine, breakfast sandwiches and fries and pop. All non-vegan sounding food, except they’re fully vegan.

According to Co-owner James McInnes, they’re planning to take vegan fast food to the next level, and break many stereotypes about vegan food.

“A lot of people think that vegan or gluten free food is really expensive and it’s a specialty kind of thing and you’re going to spend $20, but you can get a combo from us for less than $10 just like you would at any other fast food joint.”

“It’s vegan McDonald’s, basically,” said James McInnes, who opened the eatery with his wife and business partner, Lia, last week. “We’re trying to really create vegan versions of fast-food items that we’re familiar with and in love with.

Their signature burger is reportedly one that’s similar to the Big Mac, except that the patty is made of chickpeas and spices. Their menu is also supposed to grow to include tacos, chicken burgers and a hamburger with vegan bacon.

“We’ve been doing the food for a while with our food truck, we have a vegan food truck that we did. It all started last summer at Ribfest, we sold out at Ribfest last year.”


One of the main concerns about vegan food is that it simply doesn’t taste as good as non-vegan food. However, according to the owners, “the reaction [has basically been], ‘I can’t believe it’s vegan.’”

“(We) take the most popular fast food . . . make it without animal products and still make it taste as good or better . . . at fast-food prices. And (it’s) convenient and fast.”