According to press reports, the Navajo County health officials said that fleas gathered close to the Taylor town tested positive for the Yersinia pestis. The Yersinia pestis is the causation bacteria for the Bubonic plague.

The announcement of the findings came barely one week after a week when the officials of the Coconino County found fleas in the area that appeared to be harboring the plague.

According to the reports by KNXV, the officials of the Coconino County found the fleas in the area of Red Lake last week but also discovered the fleas in The Doney Park that proved positive for the bacteria. Presently, both Counties are being notified of the situation by the officials.

Arizona’s high record of plague outbreaks

According to a report by the International Business Times in 2015, a plague outbreak happened in Flagstaff among prairie dogs. The officials of the public health came to know about the epidemic after conducting several flea tests in animal burrows for Yersinia pestis.

Authorities said that the plague is spreading following the sudden death of rodents and prairie dogs. They urge the residents to inform the local health department if they notice an unusual decrease or death of rodents.

The Centers for Decrease Control reported that 15 persons have contracted the Bubonic plague in the year 2015. CDC added that most of the outbreaks among human beings are popular in the South western region of the United States.