Russia has announced that the first black box from the Tu-154 military plane that crashed in the Black Sea has been sighted, and they have sent it to Moscow for the ongoing investigation into the crash.

As of now, at least 12 of the bodies have been recovered from the 92 passengers on board that have been claimed to all be killed.

The passengers consisted of military personnel, journalists that would cover the fight in Syria, and members from the Alexandrov Ensemble that were set to perform for the Russian soldiers fighting at the time of for the New Year’s celebration.

The reasons for the crash are still unknown, but the Russian authorities have stated that the chances for a terrorist attack to be the cause are not likely.

The Moment of Disappearance

The Russian Defense Ministry have announced that they have discovered fragments of the plane’s fuselage, along with one of the engines that was submerged beneath the sea. The Russian aircraft had allegedly vanished off of the radar in just a mere two minutes after it had taken off from Sochi’s Adler airport, and was bound to reach Latakia, Syria.

Unknown Causes for the Crash

Reports have claimed that the second black box from the aircraft has been sighted, and is expected to be picked up soon.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the first black box was discovered at about 17 meters beneath the water, and a spokesman for the military has stated that it is in “satisfactory condition.”

Russian Transport Minister, Maxim Sokolov has announced that a thorough investigation is currently being conducted at the time being, and among the top two possible causes for the crash include a default or technicality problem within the aircraft itself, and/or a pilot error.

Another sources has claimed that the aircraft was overloaded as well, which could have led to its descent into the sea just two minutes after takeoff.