Former England international Paul Gascoigne has been taken to hosptial with suspected head injuries after he was kicked down a flight of stairs during a drunken altercation at a five-star London hotel.

Mr Gascoigne, known as Gazza, is known for his troubled personal life as much as his former prowess on the football pitch. He has been battling alcoholism for at least two decades. In this latest incident, he is understood to have been bluelighted to hospital in east London after a distrubance broke out at the trendy Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.

Witnesses said that Gazza had been throwing money around while insulting fellow hotel guests and groping women. Gazza, 49, was also said to be making racist comments. A fight it then understood to have broken out when the former footballer slapped a guest in the face, before their friend then kicked Gazza down some stairs.


One witness tweeted throughout the whole altercation. Alvin Carpio said on Twitter that he was at the Ace Hotel trying to read, but couldn’t because Paul Gascoigne was at the hotel “causing trouble”.

He then added that Gazza had just been kicked down the stairs after slapping someone, saying that it was sad to see someone once at the top of his profession in such a state. The witness then tweeted that the police had arrived and were taking Gazza away.

Police have confirmed that they were called to the £539 a night hotel to reports of a disturbance. They say they were then called a second time to reports of a man assaulted at the same place. Officers said one man had been taken to hospital following the incident. Paramedics also attended, they said, to treat a man who had suffered a head injury. Gazza’s spokesperson Terry Baker said that Gazza had been taken to hospital with a head wound, but that he was set to be released.