Anthony Weiner, who suffered disgrace and then became a Federal Inmate with No. 79112-054 has been slated to start serving his 21-month sentence today. He was sentenced for sexting at has been said to begin his serving his term at the Federal Medical Center located in Devens.

The lawyer representing Weiner balked at the chance of Bureau of Prisons putting him in a penitentiary away from Boston, stating that the sentence was aimed at conditioning offenders who are more difficult to handle with a record of past crime.

The Attorney of the case, Attorney Arlo Devlin-Brown brought to light that the sentencing of the former congressman behind bars would scare other sex offenders from committing the crime, “to state in a simple way, Anthony Weiner has been made as an example, Nobody wants to be him.”

Anthony Weiner in May pleaded guilty to sending materials considered to be obscene to a minor. Weiner who at the time was 53 years old had transferred those elements to a 15-year0old student in High school. He engaged in illicit sexual behavior via video chat and tests sent online.

Other dignitaries to have been held at the Facility

HumaAbedin, Weiner’s wife, who served as a personal assistant to Hillary Clinton who nominated twice for the presidency has filed for divorce.

Devens, the facility is not new to members of the public that are highly revered. DzhokharTsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber was kept there from 2013 to 2015 when he was killed.

The inmates currently held up there at the facility include Peter Madoff, who is 72 years old, he is the brother of the orchestrator of the Ponzi Scheme that is worth $65 billion, also there at the facility is Frank Locascio, who was sentenced there to life, he is 85 years old and was the former underground leader of crime family in New York.