Top Formula 1 drivers have thrown their weight behind the introduction of Halo head protection it for next season.

Sebastian Vettel, who is a four-time champion stated that it would stupid and ignorant for Formula to not introduce the Halo device.

Backed By Top Drivers

The Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso also believes that the device would help in stopping many fatal accidents that have occurred in racing for the last 15 years.

Lewis Hamilton had mixed feelings towards it and he stated that although it doesn’t look too good, he is not against it. He stated;

“We are heading towards cockpit that is closed and it would be a lot better. There are have been some great online concepts with the use of closed cockpits.

“When you look at the situations that drivers have gotten involved in the past when they hit their head while driving. The head is the most precious part of the body and it needs to be protected more than we are doing now.”

The FIA introduced the Halo to better protect drivers and enhance cockpit safety.

The device is made to keep drivers protected from big flying objects and other external bodies if the car is in the air.

Vettel stated further that the decision to add the Halo was to protect drivers just in case something goes seriously wrong.
“I understand why people think it shouldn’t be part of a F1 car but things have changed a lot.”

He pointed out that the device could have been the difference in the accident that killed Justin Wilson in 2015 when a flying debris hit his ride.

“If you had given him the chance to wear the Halo, he would have taken it to save his life and we all would have done the same.” Vettel said.