Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush is said to be suffering with a severe case of pneumonia. The former president is currently being treated at a hospital in Houston and has been placed under intensive care.

The doctors treating him are evaluating his progress before they make a decision on whether or not they should remove his breathing tube.

George H.W. Bush has been suffering with other physical ailments such as a broken vertebra from 2015 as well as a rare syndrome known as vascular Parkinsonism.

After he broke a vertebra, he has been forced to move around on a motorized scooter along with a wheelchair for the past several years as a result.

A Rare Syndrome?

Unlike Parkinson’s syndrome, vascular Parkinsonism does not include the tremors that is commonly seen.

In addition, drugs that are usually supplied to those with Parkinson’s do not work for those with the vascular condition.

Those with vascular Parkinson’s shuffle in their steps and scans done on the brain reveal that the person has undergone several small strokes.

An expert on the matter, Dr. Alberto Espay states that vascular Parkinsonism shares the same traits of Parkinson’s when it is looked at from the waist under. However, from the waist up, “they look very expressive.”

Dr. Espay is a professor from the Gardner Neuroscience Institute from the University of Cincinnati.

Bush’s Remarks

The former president when asked about his condition back in 2012 responded by saying that the condition mainly affects his legs.

Bush added that he is not under severe pain or anything from this condition, and that the main part of it surrounds the fact that when he tells his legs to move, they simply don’t comply.

“If you have to have some bad-sounding disease, this is a good one to get,” Bush remarked.