The long-awaited keyboard support on Microsoft’s Xbox is drawing nearer. Mike Ybarra of Microsoft disclosed that the Xbox One games that will feature these peripherals are getting close, and the firm already knows how to go about support.

Ybarra said that most of the support feature would be left for the developers to choose, but Microsoft will guide and ensure they use the feature responsibly.

How do we go about multiplayer?

Keyboard and mouse are essential when it comes to multiplayer, and could be of more advantage in some cases where they are quicker to manipulate. Microsoft would like developers to include the option of playing with rivals using likely controllers, making it possible for people to choose not to buy extra peripherals, yet get the best out of their games. Ybarra added that support wouldn’t be compulsory, but will be based on the interest of the developer.

Microsoft has been testing the support with between Minecraft’s Better Together, and Gears of War 4. Better Together features some keyboard and mouse functionality. However, it’s not easy to say how support will fit in when compatible games come up. Will developers buy the idea of Microsoft recommendations? And if they consider the proposal, will they risk separating the community? Possibly, there will be lazy PC games ports where the gamepad interface is a later thought.

Hopefully, creators will include both control methods to reach out to many, but there may be issues as producers familiarize with the concept.