Washington (CNN) Rep. Trey Gowdy said Thursday his co-legislator warned of leaked information from a closed meeting.

Leaking is causing “a negative impact on other witnesses acting, want to share sensitive information when it comes to the title before transcription, even dry,” said Republican from South Carolina CNN Erin Burnett said, “Out-front” Thursday,

Gowdy confirmed on Thursday that the layers of Burnett had met with the Intelligence Committee of the House. He said there were eight people in the room during the meeting, but that was not the job that was explained.

Instead, the audience warned against the exchange of confidential information.

“Now he saw Adam Schiff eight o’clock and saw Dan Coats in his eyes and assured him that he would selectively miss out on his testimony for us,” said Gowdy CNN. “” And I’ll be damned if eight o’clock later, there are three different curves that he told us. So if someone asks why the Congress of Research does not take it seriously and perceives it as a political exercise, then you do not have to look beyond the fact that we have seen one of our intelligence officials in the eye and promised to selectively leak. And here I asked, less than eight hours later. ”

Gowdy said that although the investigation is ongoing, it is not necessary to draw conclusions about his findings, to continue on the road.

“I hope it’s not a conclusion,” he said. “That’s what was done at the end of the investigation, not the foreword.”

His statement followed CNN’s report that the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and the Director of the National Security Agency Admiral. Mike Rogers met last week with the Senate Intelligence Committee week in two parts CNN described closed congressional sessions to Congress Democrats and Republicans.

Trump said on several occasions that there was no agreement.

“After 7 months of exploration and discussion in my” agreement with the Russians, “no one was able to show some sad evidence!”Twitter is June 16th.