Graham Taylor, the former England manager has just died at the age of 72.

Taylor’s family released a statement afterwards in which they had confirmed that he had died at his house in what they believe was to be as a result of a sudden heart attack, and went on to say how this matter came as a devastating and unprecedented blow to them.

Taylor had previously managed England throughout the years of 1990 till 1993, along with serving for Lincoln, Aston Villa, Wolves, and Watford in which he was the club manager of.

Several tributes have been taking place for Taylor, and social media has been bombarded by posts and images of sympathy, condolences and those who have been sharing the man’s successful career to the rest.

Loved by All

Chief Executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association ever since 1981 Gordon Taylor, stated that he has known Taylor ever since they were 15 years old back during the England schoolboy trials, and expressed what great sadness this incident has imposed on him.

Mr. Taylor added that “It was sad the way that the England job turned out for him, but that’s happened to a lot of England managers.”

Mr. Taylor added that Taylor had been a man who fully respected and abided by the regulations of the game and may have served as someone who even added his personality to the game, and was an absolutely astounding manager.

Love for the Game

Peter Shilton, who had previously worked as a goalkeeping instructor with Taylor’s backroom staff stated that he has always respected and admired how Taylor had built his way up from Lincoln and ended up reaching and becoming the manager of England.

Mr.Shilton also says that Taylor was a man who showed his real love to football and expressed his own unique style throughout his career and ended by saying “he was a true football man.”